Thursday, August 2, 2012

in the beginning...

It is worth noting that the approach I have developed for my career, and indirectly my career itself is a strong reflection of my up bringing. From my first years at school I was, or rather my family was always moving from town to town. In fact by the age of thirteen I had been to seven schools and on a few occasions I had returned to the same school on three occasions. The shortest length of time I spent at one school was six weeks and the longest was one year needless to say my father was an advisory teacher in the early 70’s which meant - where ever he went... we all went!

Not until the age of about 14 did my family finally stop in the one location and my schooling was able to finish with some consistency. My early years in life are ones of change, versatility and adaptability. In recent years I have come to realise that these early days of my development as a young child and adolescent have informed my life now as an adult, that is to say that I have subconsciously always sort to become adaptable and versatile at tackling my career.

I believe it is important to understand these two elements of my ‘make-up’, versatility and adaptability; as it has informed my development as well as fuelled my curiosity towards every aspect of my performance career. This, coupled with developing the ability to read people and fit in as quickly as possible, as a child, meant I was more than likely to build on my skills of ‘entertaining’ people in order to ‘fit in’ and move in to the entertainment field.

I have now been involved in many aspects of drama for nearly thirty years as a professional practitioner. Versatility and adaptability have proved to be the root of my career’s sustainability. I have chosen not to focus on just one area of this industry and as a result I have not had to rely on a supplemental job to support my career i.e. being a waiter. My choice to create a dexterous career has created so many opportunities I feel very lucky to always be in work.

those who came before us in this crazy slapstick world...