never fight a clown...

Friday, October 6, 2017

time & space

Time and space? What is that? What do we mean by these words? Time could refer to a watch or a calendar? Space could refer to 'outer' space or the stuff between objects or people? 

In the context of remembering choreography and or movement ‘time and space’ have specific meanings for me. Let's say we are learning a sword fight that needs to appear lighting fast and with many responses that need to appear reactive.

The way in which we up load / learn this pattern of moves will be important to the way in which it will then re interpreted by an audience. When I am trying to learn any choreography, I am conscious of my use of (rehearsal) time; the time (timing of events) I am replicating; and then in turn the perception of time (pace) in which the choreography will be seen.

So, the question I often ask myself during the up-loading phase of my rehearsal is: “how do I generate time”. What is meant by this? What I am seeking to do when learning something is to maximise space around me and my partner so that I can increase the number of decisions I may have to make when at show speed. I do this for me and any scene / fight partner because when it gets to show pace that “time” will not be there – things will be moving so fast there will be no time for decisions (on one level). I want to be aware in the uploading phase of exactly everything that is going on. Position of feet, weight loading, blade angles, whether some needs to appear cognitive or not, etc.

Ways to generate time for example are by simply allowing a blade arch to move a little longer and or larger on some occasions so that the length of time it takes to get to my partners parry means I have given them more time. So, it’s my use of space that allows for this generation of time. Almost an optical illusion where my body maybe still moving at a pace but I can slow my blade arch down (should I notice my partner is not to speed) so it is moving at a different tempt to my body. Other ways to do this may include but are not limited to - I might make more of a slope on my footwork to allow my body to take a little more time to get somewhere thus generating more time again for my partner.

Anyway still formulating this musing so to be continued…