Saturday, August 5, 2017

listening & sensitivity

These are two words I often use in class. But what do I mean by them? Moreover, what am I expecting participants to learn and or gain from focusing on them? I guess in simple terms ‘listening’ is more than just the use of our ears. And it’s not just ‘listening’ to another actor.
When I say ‘listen’ I am referring to listening to;

·         The energy in the space

·         To partner through empathy

·         Fellow cast members around you

·         Direction

·         The crew

·         The audience

·         The prop/s you are working with

·         The set

·         The elements

·         To gravity
Sensitivity for me in the context of my training methods is my access point for better listening. The space between what/whom I am listening to and where my point of focused listening is coming from.

For example, I could be just holding a ladder in a scene. So how am I ‘listening’ to the ladder? Through conscious use of sensitivity, I could ask: How am I holding it? What material is it made of? How is gravity acting upon it? My sensitivity of touch, how light or firm I am holding the ladder allows me to be in harmony with it. That sensitivity of touch allows me to listen to my prop to gain the best working relationship with and how I can help it move in space.
Through a more developed sense of listening via sensitivity I am hoping to increase a participant’s ability to be at one with everything around them while in the moment of performance.

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