never fight a clown...

Sunday, October 28, 2018

don't give up your centre

Spiritually and combatively if we give up our centre we are undone. When you lean on some thing or some one how much do you give away your centre? 

When you lean on a balcony to take in view do you give all your weight over to the balcony? If the balcony gave way you would fall. It would be advantageous to take agency over our centre so we don’t fall over or get hurt.

Whether performing stage combat or doing movement of any form that requires shared body weight. It is important that we don’t give up our centre. Maintaining your own balance is integral so if you give away your centre it will be even harder to maintain balance. 

Combatively speaking your opponent will often be attempting to take your centre away form you so if you give it up you’ve done a lot of their work for them. So it would behove us in the replication of combat to not give away our centre. 

I have a maxim: "don’t compromise your own structure to get what you want." In simple terms I mean if you allow you own centre to operate away from your base without any care you will be placing yourself in danger. To be specific: danger of falling probably. 


  1. Great Scottie. Love your Maxim. So true about life, in general.
    This is so important especially in playing the character that is supposed to be physically out of control.